Wi-Fi Ruler 1.7.6

This new version fixes some problems that folks had on Android 4.x (Ice Cream Sandwich)

Edit: This version is now in Google Play. So I removed the link here.

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Wi-Fi Ruler 1.7.4

This version fixes a bug that causes a crash if the live access points change (eg a rescan) in a certain way when you are editing an AP. So that’s good to have.

I spend a lot of time improving the automatic Click Wall stuff. It didn’t work at my local Starbucks. Now after about 25 times there(!) it finally does. They were doing all kinds of crazy stuff – redirecting using JavaScript, using cookies, using two forms, etc. I made this improvement in a general way so it helps clicking through at other APs too.

This version is now live in Google Play (and other markets).

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Wi-Fi Ruler 1.7.3

After that those careful beta releases a packaging problem caused the final version of 1.7.2 to crash at startup.
Now fixed in Google Play. Sooo sorry about that.

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Wi-Fi Ruler 1.7.2 (beta)

EDIT: this version is now released – its what you get from the Google Play.

The last version (1.7.1) fixed problems in 1.7 but this has fixes for problems
that are in the wild.

They are:
– Handles WPS (only seen in Android 3.x)
– Formatting fix (later character of rule partly truncated)
– Fixed crash
– Would sometimes show multiple APs connected in Remembered tab

So give it a try:

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Wi-Fi Ruler 1.7.1 (beta)

There was a problem in version 1.7. Good thing we did it as a beta.
A small coding mistake caused a big problem – it would not let you make a Wi-Fi entry. Now fixed.


Please let us know if you see anything bad.

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Wi-Fi Ruler 1.7 (Beta)

It now suggests rules based on the connection check.
The suggestions are highlighted in blue.


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Odd selection

Here’s a store that sells an odd selection of things.
Condoms, nanodots and Android phones 😉

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