Wi-Fi Ruler 1.6 (beta)

* Faster, more efficient scans
* When connected will automatically check your connection (or say OK to click wall if that rule is set)
* Lock icons in Remembered tab
* Works better on tablets

Update: Now in the market

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Wi-Fi Ruler – Free/Paid 1.5.4 (bug fixes)

New in version 1.5.4 (change 20)…

* Reacts better when you enable/disable wifi outside the app
* Launches Email better
* Fixed bug when deleting driveby’s (faster also)
* Paid: can now start minimized

Now available on the Android (and other) markets.

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Say OK to clickwall

Wi-Fi Ruler now has a thing that will “Say OK to clickwall”.

Some access points throw up a webpage that requires you to click on OK, etc in order to get internet access.
You have to promise you won’t use the access for evil and/or illegal purposes.
This new thing in ‘Ruler tries to automate that.

Of course, we haven’t tried it with all clickwalls.
So we expect it will be a few problems.

Please leave comments here and not in the Market.

If its working, let us know too

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Wi-Fi Ruler – Free 1.5.2 (better connects, check connection)

Here’s new version for you to try before the crowd. New stuff:

– Better connects
– See if your connection is up with: Internet > Check Connection
– New rule: clickwall (for new installations)
– App is now smaller (since using smaller ad library)

Edit: There is now a newer (and better) version in the Market

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Wi-Fi Map Maker – Free 1.3.6

[Edit: this version has been released and is now in the Android Market and others.]

Here’s a beta for a new version of Wi-Fi Map Maker – Free.

What’s New:
– Faster startup
– App is slightly smaller (because ad code is now smaller)
– New option to follow your current location on the map
– You can hide the Pause/Record button so its not pressed by mistake

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Wi-Fi Ruler 1.5 – Paid

Since its first release on Sept 3, 2010, Wi-Fi Ruler – Free has been downloaded tens of thousands of times. I have received tons of feedback from users all over the world – which is really cool. I wish I could travel all the places you guys go!

A very common request was to make it run all the time. As you may know, when you go back or change the app you are using in some other way Android might stop previously used apps to free up resources.  And that includes Wi-Fi Ruler.  To make it run all the time I needed to rewrite large parts of the app to make it able to run as a “service” without a user-interface at times.  I also added the ability to start when the phone boots … so you’ll never have to manually start it if you like. I enlisted some smart/friendly users to try it out. After 4 release candidates I have released it has a Wi-Fi Ruler – Paid. The paid version has no ads. Developing the Paid version was an opportunity to fix a few problems and perform some optimizations in the Free version (which the Paid version inherited, of course).

Its priced really cheap. I hope you find useful!
(Since I don’t have a data plan I use it all the time)

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Wi-Fi Ruler 1.5 – WPS, etc

[This has now been released on the Google Android Market (and other markets).
That’s very much to the folks who tried this out when it was a beta!]

New in version 1.5 Free:
– Optimized time handing (for speed and less memory use)
– Bug fix: didn’t tend to all things necessary when you were in Remembered and Rules tabs.
– For new Paid version: menu option to open database permission for export,
– Displays details security info when you click on an Access Point (at the bottom)
– Handles “WPS” only access points

Give it a try.

My phone covered with tinfoil to test how the app behaved when there were no access points

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