Wi-Fi Ruler 1.6 (beta)

* Faster, more efficient scans
* When connected will automatically check your connection (or say OK to click wall if that rule is set)
* Lock icons in Remembered tab
* Works better on tablets

Update: Now in the market

About wifiruler

What's new with Wi-Fi Ruler (an Android Wi-Fi manager) https://market.android.com/details?id=com.hogdex.WifiRuler market://details?id=com.hogdex.WifiRuler
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11 Responses to Wi-Fi Ruler 1.6 (beta)

  1. Tim Delaney says:

    If I have two networks (either different names, or same name different BSSID) set at the same priority, does Wi-Fi Ruler use signal strength to automatically swap between them?

    The scenario I have is a house which needs two APs since I cannot get full coverage of the house with a single AP. If I’m connected to one AP where it has strong signal then move to another part of the house there might be just enough signal to maintain the connection whilst at the same time becoming effectively useless. Meanwhile the other AP has a much stronger signal but the device won’t switch to it because it already has a “working” connection.

    What I would like is that any time there are multiple networks available with the same priority, if one of them is significantly stronger than my current connection (e.g. equivalent to 2 “bars”, or any stronger network if my current one is down to 1 “bar”) then it would switch.

    I will happily pay for this app if this feature is implemented. Let me know if it’s already there!

    • wifiruler says:

      Hi Tim. The app doesn’t switch from a 1 bar connection to a 2 bar signal. The thinking is that if it has a connection then it should not mess with things to possibly get a faster one. While not automatic, you can press [Disconnect] for the 1 bar connection and then Wi-Fi Ruler will switch.

      • Tim Delaney says:

        That is unfortunate. Giving the option in a rule (switch to stronger signal at same priority if available) would be a good way of distinguishing Wi-Fi Ruler from every other Wi-Fi control app. I’ve been searching through and can’t find a single one that gives this option.

        I’m not talking about a trivial switch here – I don’t want it switching back and forth as I step over some line. I’m thinking something like 10-15db difference required to do a switch.

        BTW the house is actually my parents’, and they have an Android tablet now – I’m trying to find a way to make things very simple for them …

  2. DrMekon says:

    I’m finding it’s connecting to paywalls, and not moving to my home connection, so I’m having to change it myself. In that this is what I’d hoped the app would fix, I’m a bit disappointed. Is there a setting/rule I’m missing. It’s the paid app, It runs at startup, and it’s running as a service, scanning every 180 seconds.

    • wifiruler says:

      Thanks for the feedback.

      Other people have said they get connected to paywalls but I haven’t been able to reproduce the problem. What Android version and phone are you using?

      Its probably not moving your home connection because its happy with some other connection. It doesn’t break connections.
      An option to do this is at the top of my list.

      • DrMekon says:

        HTC Desire HD with Android 2.35 and HTC Sense 3.0. It’s not that happy – wifiruler is recognising there is limited connectivity. Paywall rule is as standard, as is the home rule. When I click on the home network, I get the “be lazy…” message. If only I could let wifi ruler do it. Ignoring clickwalls and paywalls is all I need it to do – that’s what I bought if for.

  3. DrMekon says:

    No – doesn’t do anything at all now – doesn’t stop paywalls, clickwalls, never prefers home. All it does is tell me “be lazy…” when I force it to change.

    I’m no better off with this app than without it.

  4. DrMekon says:

    Oh, and it’s not that it’s happy with the existing connection – the text on the active connection can be yellow, saying limited connectivity, and it still doesn’t switch to my home network.

    As you can imagine, I’m finding it hard to see value in this (paid) app.

    • wifiruler says:

      Right now, it does not act on the connection checks (eg “Limited”). It just displays the result of the connection check to you.
      If you want change the rule on an AP to Broken because it always comes up Limited you can.

  5. DrMekon says:

    Do you mean the “dead” option? OK, but, it still won’t disconnect from a limited connection when a non-limited connection is available, right?

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