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2 Responses to About

  1. jt___ says:

    Following question reg. functionality:
    – Does your app check, whether there is a fully!! free access
    Example given: the WLAN/Hotspot Access is free, BUT! afterwords I’ll see a webpage with payment requests = NOT free
    – On the other side: does your app gives me the opportunity to run scripts to login in such specific login-pages html-pages
    Example: http://andhsli.sourceforge.net/
    This Service I use to automatically login at German Telekom Hotspots…
    I absolutely need such integrated service!!
    – Information reg. the so called “clickwall” I have seen.

    You see my question: How flexible, configurable is your tool – thanks for your answer (as there is no complete function-overview…

    • wifiruler says:

      – If you find a hotspot isn’t giving full access you can mark it as such. There is also a menu choice to check that.
      – No scripts. That would be a cool feature to have some day.

      I encourage you to try out the Free version.

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