Say OK to clickwall

Wi-Fi Ruler now has a thing that will “Say OK to clickwall”.

Some access points throw up a webpage that requires you to click on OK, etc in order to get internet access.
You have to promise you won’t use the access for evil and/or illegal purposes.
This new thing in ‘Ruler tries to automate that.

Of course, we haven’t tried it with all clickwalls.
So we expect it will be a few problems.

Please leave comments here and not in the Market.

If its working, let us know too

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What's new with Wi-Fi Ruler (an Android Wi-Fi manager) market://details?id=com.hogdex.WifiRuler
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11 Responses to Say OK to clickwall

  1. Fan Zhang says:

    Is it possible to connect two access points at same time?
    One access point connects to internal web server while anothe access point connects to outside internet.

  2. Bob Dengler says:

    Wifi ruler crashes on startup if I’m already connected to a clickwall & haven’t clicked through it yet. What I need is an app that will automagically click through the clickwall on connect.

  3. Adolfo Cayetano says:

    se pone muy difícil para conectarse ya que tarda mucho para obtener la dirección IP
    [Translation: becomes very difficult to connect because it takes a lot to get the IP address]

  4. Please add the ability to automatically click through Culver’s Restaurant’s clickwall it is powered by safeconnect. Thank You

  5. Julie Buhite says:

    I’ve tried numerous times to connect it says connecting then it goes to wait then Idle and then it goes disconnect is does it all over and over and it never stays on so I end up using roaming or whatever is there when I think I’m connected to the wi-fi… very aggravating and quite annoyed about it is there any way to boost it or make it better.

    • wifiruler says:

      I sympathize. I’ve seen that too – for some access points. Not entirely sure why it happens. As far as I can tell its because Android can’t connect to the access point for some reason and wi-fi ruler is just asking it to retry.
      I can only suggest marking that access point as bad so it will use another. But, of course, there may not be another.

  6. It aggravates me no end that you havent made this automatic option in clickwall rule! Why the heck would you develop this option at all if it is just as many clicks to do as manually click on the pafe ourselves! Duh!

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