Wi-Fi Ruler 1.3.6

There’s a new version you can try!

The main change is: two new options that control [Scan Lots] aka continuous scanning.
You can specify how often it scans in this mode
and whether or not it scans when you are connected.

So if you are walking around you can get a connection (perhaps check your mail) and scanning will stop.  You walk out of range (so lose the connection) and scanning begins again – nice.


Please let me know if you have any problems.

In case you haven’t heard about my Wi-Fi Map Maker app. Well now you have.
These two apps (even before this update) played nicely together with scanning. They both would only request a scan when they figured it was necessary. If a scan was initiated by the other app they were happy to use it.

About wifiruler

What's new with Wi-Fi Ruler (an Android Wi-Fi manager) https://market.android.com/details?id=com.hogdex.WifiRuler market://details?id=com.hogdex.WifiRuler
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6 Responses to Wi-Fi Ruler 1.3.6

  1. Does wifi ruler make a sound when a connection is found? How does the user know that they have a connection?

  2. Dale says:

    Is there a way for the app to remember the wi-fi network after the SSID is turned off, ie for networks that do not broadcast their SSID after establishment?

  3. Richard says:

    When I try to assign to a group, why is it asking for me to enter a password for WPA/WEP protected APs? It’s not changing the config for the AP, is it? I used an app to configure a couple of WiFi Profiles for LEAP and don’t want that configuration overwritten.

    • wifiruler says:

      Yes, it is setting the password for WPA/WEP protected APs (and changing the config).
      But hopefully it isn’t changing it. It sets an AP’s parameters to what they are when it does a scan. eg if the scan says an AP is WEP then it creates it as WEP.
      I haven’t tested the app with LEAP.

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