Wi-Fi Ruler 1.0

First release Sep 3, 2010.

Since the Android Market has limited space I figured I should start a blog about Wi-Fi Ruler.  I am probably going to post an entry for each release.  Also user comment can be tied to a specific version.

Here was my first draft for the 1.0 release blurb:

Want to make sure you never use that access point that seems to be good but actually asks for a web-based login?  No problem, mark it as a “paywall” with Wi-Fi Ruler and you’ll never use it again.

Want to differentiate between two access points all both “linksys”.  No problem with Wi-Fi Ruler.

You shouldn’t be clicking a lot of buttons to get a nice Wi-Fi connection.  That’s what your droid is for!

Using this app, you can set up rules about access points as you come upon them.

But shortened it to:

A Wi-Fi manager that can do all the regular stuff plus:
* Connect to open access points as you walk by
* Not connect to “open” access points that are paywalls
* You can set connect priority
* Differentiate between two access points both called “linksys”

About wifiruler

What's new with Wi-Fi Ruler (an Android Wi-Fi manager) https://market.android.com/details?id=com.hogdex.WifiRuler market://details?id=com.hogdex.WifiRuler
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